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Check out these stories from Clairbourn School's graduates.

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  • Austin Hong

    Prepared to Excel
    Clairbourn has provided me with the academic skills I need to excel in high school and life. It has prepared me to treat everyone I encounter with concern, curiosity, and an open mind, and has cultivated within me a profound desire to discover what it means to be me and to give from that place of self-awareness and truth to others. All of us are growing into greater self-awareness, and our shared community at Clairbourn has gifted me with encouragement and comfort as I seek to discover my truth, and my vision for this life I’ve been blessed with.
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  • Cyanne Jones

    "I Can Always Expect the Best"
    I am very grateful to have attended Clairbourn and for my classmates who bring me joy and comfort everyday on and off campus. I am thankful for the younger students at Clairbourn who allow me to be a role model in their lives, and I am grateful for my thoughtful and sublime teachers who have developed me since Kindergarten. I am overjoyed that everyone on this campus supports me on my journey.  At Clairbourn, I can always expect the best from teachers, students, and everyone that walks on our campus.
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  • Zaria Echemendia

    Try Until You Succeed
    Clairbourn has taught me to grow on an intellectual level and as a person. I learned that failure is a part of life, a learning experience, and really just a slower way to get to success. There have been challenges during my years at Clairbourn, all of which were actually a blessing. To me, you learn from those moments and gain knowledge. When I was five years old, I started playing soccer, and if I had given up when I made my first mistake, I would have been done with soccer on my first day. I am at an elite level now because I learned from all the mistakes I’ve made. 
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  • Kaylie Sheng

    Supported in Trying New Things
    Clairbourn had taught me to nudge myself and to take more risks. I learned to try new things like being cast in the Winnie the Pooh play. I was nervous at first about memorizing all my lines, going to rehearsals, and performing the play. But, if I didn’t push myself to try out, I would have never experienced the fun and memorable times. It wasn’t just about acting, performing, or memorizing lines, it helped me bond with my peers.
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  • Sophia Gokgoz

    New Perspective Gained
    I have only been going to Clairbourn for two years, but I have learned a lot academically and socially. I will take away great memories, a set of morals to live my life by, and a more open-minded way of thinking. I have gained a new perspective on how other people view situations.
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  • Kevin Zhang

    Future Leaders Nurtured
    Clairbourn is not only a school. It is a safe haven that nurtures future leaders. The lessons that Clairbourn has taught me are unlike anything else. When I first came, I was nervous and unsure. Luckily, I had a thirst for challenge and a willingness to take a risk. Positive risk taking is a key component to Clairbourn’s learning, and it has encouraged me to leave my comfort zone and allowed me to advance my skills in various areas.
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  • Matthew Reiling

    Appreciation for Code of Ethics
    Clairbourn has instilled into our minds the Code of Ethics; Responsibility to manage our time and work and make sure we get done what is asked of us, Spirituality to be more selfless, Citizenship to help our community thrive and prosper, Honesty to avoid more trouble in the long run, and Respect to honor and thank those who do so much for us. The Clairbourn Code of Ethics has really shaped me into a better overall person.
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  • Madison Barreau

    Perfect in My Own Way
    Everyone in the community has taught me so much! There were a lot of things I needed to learn about myself. One of my big issues was an obsession to be perfect which ended up slowly wearing away at me. I had to learn to give up that idea of perfection and instead aim to be the person that makes others laugh, to be the one to stand up to bullies, to be the one who changes the world, and to be lovely, kind, and the best version of me, because that is perfection.
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  • Jaleen Tseng

    "Well Prepared for the Next Chapter"
    I have always enjoyed learning and growing up here. Clairbourn has supported me doing the things that I love to do. Thank you to my amazing, smart, and awesome teachers. They never fail to support me and brighten my day. I love walking into their classrooms every day. My teachers have helped me to work hard, and I will be attending Flintridge Preparatory School in the fall well prepared for the next chapter in my life.
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  • Kyle Chang

    Life Lessons from Sports
    This year’s basketball season taught me about community—that the words “I” and “Me” are a lot smaller than the words “Us” and “We.” There was one basketball practice that really annoyed me and it seemed like everyone thought the season was a joke. At the end of practice, I got really angry. We resolved the issue and moved forward, but I learned I needed to communicate with my teammates. I learned that I could not control how others acted, but only how I acted. The season taught me to work as a team, and not just focus on myself.
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  • Matthew Chen

    Learning to be Bold & Brave
    I’ve learned to get out of my comfort zone at Clairbourn. In a Christmas play, many of my classmates took roles acting, singing, and narrating. I didn’t have a part because I was too scared. However, during the play, one of my classmates suddenly couldn’t perform. I felt I had to do something to help. The scene was coming up, so I grabbed the paper, narrated the scene the best I could, and ran back to my seat.  This instance of taking on my fear of public speaking helped me learn to be bold, to be brave, and to face my fears.
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  • Graduate Alex Silveri

    Alex Silveri

    Significantly Increased Confidence
    I began my Clairbourn academic career in pre-K. My first day, everyone we met was so understanding and helpful. Clairbourn has been my second home, and the continued encouragement of my teachers and friends has significantly increased my confidence, especially in my academic subjects. Each teacher makes learning fun and easy to understand. I have learned to work hard and keep walking the road.
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  • Graduate Andrea Ma

    Andrea Ma

    Accepted for Who I am
    As Steven Hawking said, “One of the basic rules of the universe, is that nothing is perfect, perfection simply does not exist. Without imperfection, neither you nor i would exist.” One main thing I love about Clairbourn is that everyone in this community accepts the person who I am today. Clairbourn taught me that my mistakes are not actually mistakes. They are legitimate learning opportunities to improve as a person.
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  • Graduate Liam Henney

    Liam Henney

    "I Fit in on the Very First Day"
    I have only been at this school for two years, but I fit in the Clairbourn community on the very first day. Clairbourn has been the most friendly environment I have been in. The kids, the teachers and, maintenance have always been great to me and a good source of advice for school and life.
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  • Graduate Barbra Chen

    Barbra Chen

    Appreciation for Helpful Atmosphere
    Every day, for almost three years now, I have been surrounded by unique classmates who help each other through difficult times, and assist each other even in little things such as picking up pencils, grabbing lunches, lending clothes, and opening doors. We help each other study, with homework, with questions, with projects, and even with stuff outside of school. I am glad I was able to spend my middle school years at Clairbourn.
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  • Graduate Amir Eftekhari

    Amir Eftekhari

    "Clairbourn Changed Me"
    The most important thing I've learned at Clairbourn is to work hard and to keep walking the road.  I came here with a bad education and no interest in academics at all. I didn’t know what to do, but Clairbourn changed that for me. I started with slow progress, studied harder, and eventually started getting A's as time went on.
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  • Graduate Chelsea Cheng

    Chelsea Cheng

    Life Lessons on How to Behave & Act
    The wonderful teachers, who I love and appreciate, have taught me math, history, science, English, and French as well as many life lessons on how to behave and act. They taught me that I am expected to think before I post on social media, that I am expected to be a role model for the younger students, and that I have to think about the consequences to my actions before I do something.
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  • Graduate Emily Wen

    Emily Wen

    "Exceptionally Well Prepared"
    Throughout these past few years, there were moments when I doubted myself. I didn’t know where I wanted to go to high school and I was extremely terrified of the interviews. However, with guidance from my teachers, I finished all of my interviews with no problems. I was exceptionally well prepared. When I got my acceptance letters back, the teachers encouraged me to choose the school where I felt I would succeed. In August, I will be continuing my education at Poly.
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  • Estella Bakke

    Best Experience Here
    The supportive, caring, and thoughtful Clairbourn community has helped make my elementary and middle school the best experience I could have ever hoped for. Having so much care and support from friends and teachers have really helped me figure out who I am, who I want to be, and to be confident in my identity. When I am among my peers and teachers I never feel pressured to change anything about myself to fit in. Everybody around me makes me feel appreciated and accepted. 
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  • Isabella Hernandez

    Goal Achievement Possible
    I have attended Clairbourn School for eight years, and sometimes I would get my tests back and I would feel sadness or disappointment in myself because I wouldn’t achieve a grade that everyone else would get. With the help of my teachers, parents, and friends, they taught me to pick myself up and try harder next time and not get sad or mad about a bad grade. That support made it possible for me to achieve my goals.
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  • Graduate Jay Chung

    Jay Chung

    Great Progress and Great Courage
    Clairbourn School was a very unique experience. During my first year, my English wasn’t very good because I speak Chinese and am from Beijing. I have to thank this school for helping me develop my English, my grades, to have a better personality, and be more mature.  Winston Churchill said: "…it is the courage to continue that counts.”
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  • Graduate Jessie Kong

    Jessie Kong

    "I Should Be Myself"
    I have been a Clairbourn student for almost two years. This beautiful place has been a second home to me. I can still remember when I first stepped foot on the campus…the teachers and students were all so welcoming that it made me feel like I belonged here. All the activities taught me that teamwork is important, but being independent can let me have more room to think about what I want, instead of depending on others’ ideas. I have learned to not let others define who I am. I should be myself.
  • Graduate Sebastian Lam

    Sebastian Lam

    "Confident of Who I Am"
    It was ten years ago that I started my Clairbourn education. It was my first day at pre-k at Clairbourn. I was unsure of who I was. I knew my name. I knew I was part Chinese and part Spanish, and I stood just 3’4’’. But otherwise, I knew very little about myself. Now I am leaving Clairbourn, confident of who I am. I am strong, I am a good friend, I am an athlete, and I am a scholar.
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  • Winston Lee

    Exceeding My Own Expectations
    Throughout my life, my studies were always my first priority, but starting in middle school I tried to participate in as many school sports as I could. My current favorite sport is badminton. When I first started, I was new and didn’t know what to do. But, I learned that with a lot of time and practice you can improve and excel in what you do no matter how hard it may seem. Having to do all these activities also showed that I could handle stress and push myself beyond my own expectations.
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  • Blake Welsh

    "Be Around People Who Help You"
    It's important to be around people who help you and don't let you down. Clairbourn is like a second home for me, one where I can always go to feel safe and welcome. It's easy to say that Clairbourn defined who I am as a student and a friend. I make choices that strengthen myself and my character, and I have become a better friend, student, and leader. There are many paths in life that can change you completely. After 10 years at Clairbourn, it is clear I've chosen the best path for me.
  • Graduate Kyle Haddad

    Kyle Haddad

    "Sense of Happiness & Belonging"
    I've only been at Clairbourn for a short time, but in those two years, I've made a bundle of great memories. To me, it’s more than just a school, it’s a community and family. This school has a certain feeling to it that no other school has. It's a feeling of happiness, safety, and a sense of belonging, which are three things needed to make a great school. Coming here made an impact on me as a student and individual. It helped me become more focused, mature, and overall better person.
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  • Kerry Ji

    "I Now Feel More Confident"
    Being at Clairbourn has improved my teamwork skills through the numerous “drop-everything-and-build” challenges in science class. I learned how to better manage my time so that I can achieve the maximum amount of work in a small period of time. I've been able to work with different partners to complete projects, and it has improved not only my communication skills but it has also boosted my leadership skills. I now feel more confident speaking up and giving my suggestions as well as contributing to the team.
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  • Michelle Zhou

    Michelle Zhou

    "A Wonderful School Experience"
    Not only has this school’s faculty challenged me academically, but it has also encouraged me to always do my best. I have been able to acquire many skills and developed characteristics that I know will help me succeed in future endeavors.
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  • Elise Desjarlais

    Elise Desjarlais

    "The Right School"
    I have been at Clairbourn for 10 years. Clairbourn always felt like the right school for me. I came soon after my brother and could not be any happier. I have grown a lot during my years at Clairbourn. However, I have mainly grown academically.
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  • Chase Walker

    Well-Rounded with Skills for Success
    I’ve been at Clairbourn since pre-K and I’ve made a lot of memories here. I remember instantly liking Clairbourn, and I have made many friends that…I will remember for the rest of my life.
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  • Cameron Coolidge

    Cameron Coolidge

    "Organized and Prepared"
    I started coming to Clairbourn in preschool and I have spent the past 10 years at Clairbourn. Next year, I will be attending La Salle in Pasadena. One of my favorite school projects was when I did the Explorers project in 4th grade…. I had the explorer Sir Francis Drake, who circumnavigated the globe in a single trip, and he defeated the Spanish Armada.
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  • Mia Casillas

    Mia Casillas

    "A Sacrifice Worth Making"
    I’ve been at Clairbourn for 5 years. Before I came to Clairbourn, I attended a local public school for three years. When my parents first introduced the idea of private school, I was unsure about how to feel. All I knew was that I wanted to make new friends, but didn’t want to leave my old friends behind. But once I walked through the welcoming Clairbourn gate, I felt right at home.
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  • Collin McIlvery

    "Many Life-long Lessons Learned"
    I have had the privilege of attending Clairbourn since Jr. Pre-K. I have followed in the footsteps of my two brothers… who also attended Clairbourn since Pre-school. In the 11 years I’ve been here, I have learned many life-long lessons.
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  • Chris Arminak

    Chris Arminak

    "Do Your Best and Never Give Up"
    I have been attending Clairbourn for 10 years. I will be…moving on to high school at Maranatha. I will never forget what Clairbourn has done for me and the memories that I have made. I remember on my first day of school I was really nervous about coming to Clairbourn, but I overcame that nervousness and made good friends and memories here since that day. It was very easy to fit in and adjust to my new community.
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  • Alex Su

    "Cherish Your Time Here"
    I have been at Clairbourn since Pre-Kindergarten. Clairbourn has been the best experience I could ever ask for. My class as a whole is one of the smartest and nicest group of people that I have ever met. Being hard-working, the code of ethics, and all my friends are things that I will take away with me as I move on from Clairbourn and start a new chapter of my life at St. Francis High School.
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  • Allison Chang

    Allison Chang

    "I Have Thrived Here"
    Throughout my eight years at Clairbourn, this school has become so much more than just a school to me, it is more like a second home. I came to Clairbourn in the first grade and on my first day of school, I was very nervous and excited as I walked onto campus.
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  • Bradley Marelich

    Bradley Marelich

    "Skills to Stay on Track"
    Clairbourn has been a second home of mine for 9 years. I haven’t always been Bradley Marelich. Most recently I was Lysander in the Shakespeare play; I was the one with the curly blond wig. Before that I was Roo in the Pooh play, who got stuck in the tree with Tigger. Going back a few years to the fifth grade, I was a mate on the trip to Dana point.
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  • Justin Walker

    Justin Walker

    "I Will Never Forget My Time Here"
    I have been at Clairbourn for 11 years. I have enjoyed my time here at Clairbourn, and I have made many friends who I will remember my entire life. In many ways, life is defined by the people who you surround yourself with. I learned the importance of community, which was represented by the great teachers I had at this school.
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  • Megan Jen

    "Most Outstanding Years of my Life"
    I have attended Clairbourn for ten years. These ten years have been some of the best and most outstanding years of my life. On the first day of pre-kindergarten, I remember anxiously walking in the classroom, not knowing a single person. By the end of the first day, I had already made lots friends and loved it at Clairbourn.
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  • Ryan Frick

    Ryan Frick

    "Grateful for Many Reasons"
    The class of 2017 is a very special and competitive class. Everyone gets good grades and it has pushed me to do better. I have learned to be a better person and that the world is not all about me. Next year I will be going to St. Francis. I will always remember the great teachers here, and how they all care for each and every student.
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  • Sherry Fan

    Motivated Academically
    To all the younger students, please live in the moment, and not wait for the weekend. Enjoy the time you have here before it passes you by. I am grateful for all the experiences at Clairbourn that have shaped me into the person that you see before you right now. I have grown up, not just physically, but also mentally at Clairbourn.
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  • Zarah Huo

    Zarah Huo

    "Learning Persistence"
    I have been attending Clairbourn for the past nine years. The lessons I have learned throughout my Clairbourn experience will stay with me for the rest of my life. I would’ve wanted someone to tell me this as I was growing up.
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  • Zoe Grace

    Zoe Grace

    "Empowered to Shape the Future"
    Here at Clairbourn, I have learned so many things that I will use for years to come in my future education, career and social interactions. If I have any advice for the younger students, and especially those entering Middle School, it would be this -- pay attention to your life at Clairbourn and appreciate every moment, because they will be some of the best moments of your life, and they go by incredibly fast.
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  • Teddy Barker

    Teddy Barker

    "Disciplined and Developed"
    I started my Clairbourn experience eager to make friends and be a part of the community. Looking back on my first years at this school reminds me of how fortunate I am to have had such great friends and teachers in my first years.
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  • Angela Chen

    Angela Chen

    "A Great Middle School Experience"
    All I wanted was to have a great middle school experience, and Clairbourn gave me just that. I bonded with everyone very quickly. I soon had friendships that I never had at my old school. In only three short years, I feel that I’ve had the best time of my life at Clairbourn. Every day I look forward to coming to school and embarking on new adventures in and out of the classroom.
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  • Nicholas Myers

    ”On the Right Track”
    My years at Clairbourn have been a good start for my schooling. It has been a blast being able to form strong friendships. Clairbourn has been like a second home to me.
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  • Kristofer Chang

    Kristofer Chang

    "The Teachers Prepared Me"
    I have been at Clairbourn for the past 11 years. These 11 years will be forever cherished in my heart. Clairbourn gave me the best childhood that anyone could possibly have.
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  • Sarah Wong

    Sarah Wong

    "Mature and Responsible"
    I have attended Clairbourn School for the past nine years. This first chapter of my life could not have been any better. Clairbourn has really been a second home to me.
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  • Brianna Bronson

    Brianna Bronson

    "Ready for the Future"
    I want to thank my parents for giving me the opportunity to attend Clairbourn. I also want to thank every faculty member at the school because, they haven’t only taught me academics, but also have gotten me ready for the future.
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  • Conner Corley

    "Grateful for Growth"
    I would like to thank all my teachers for helping me grow both academically and socially. I was nervous to enter middle school, but my teachers in elementary school prepared me well. I was encouraged to join student council, which helped me break out of my shell and become a better public speaker.
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  • Brad Lee

    Brad Lee

    "Properly Prepared for High School"
    I have learned so much over the course of my experience at Clairbourn. I am very grateful to all the influential people that have helped me become the person I am today. No one knows the true definition of “a home away from home” until they have been at Clairbourn.
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  • Clayton Searcy

    Clayton Searcy

    "One-of-a-Kind Community"
    The teachers here at Clairbourn have taught me so many good lessons. I’ve learned that whenever you get a great opportunity you have to take it. Gotta catch them all. I’ve learned how to add, subtract, multiply, spell, read, speak, and many other things.
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  • Mary Zhang

    Mary Zhang

    "Appreciative for Knowledge Gained"
    I have attended Clairbourn since sixth grade. Every class was filled with the sounds of laughter, the silence of diligence, and our seemingly endless conversations. These three years were full of accomplishments, surpassing hardships, learning academically and socially, as well as earning our friends' and family's support.
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  • Gabby Ellis

    Gabby Ellis

    "Never Felt Like the New Girl"
    I have attended Clairbourn since the 6th grade. Since my first day here, I have felt included and loved, gladly never knowing the feeling of being the “new girl”. After one week of school here I was good friends with most of the class.
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  • Teresa Wang

    Teresa Wang

    "Achieving My Dream"
    Colin Powell once said, “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”
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  • Bella Leifer

    Bella Leifer

    "Teachers Have Challenged Me"
    Although I have only been at Clairbourn for ​three years of middle school, I was still challenged and have become a better person because of my time here. Clairbourn became a second home for me filled with my second family, and one of my favorite things about Clairbourn is how nice, friendly, welcoming, and caring the people here are.
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  • Tristan Huo

    Tristan Huo

    "Finding Myself"
    The first time I stepped into Clairbourn as a formal student was in first grade. I was the new kid. I would hide by the slide in the corner of playground. I was scared of being myself. By second grade…I was learning a lot from the environment around me, and I was gaining a more vivid character.
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  • Deijah Bradley

    Deijah Bradley

    "Confidence and Independence"
    Coming to Clairbourn has been one of the best decisions of my life, and I am happy and grateful to call Clairbourn my second home. Clairbourn is unlike any other school that I have attended because Clairbourn provided me with a stellar education. It welcomed me with open arms, and gave me every opportunity possible to succeed. Clairbourn will always hold a very special place in my heart.
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  • Emily Su

    Emily Su

    "Confidence and Maturity"
    When I first came to Clairbourn, I was very shy and quiet. Throughout these eleven years, I have grown into a mature, young teenager thanks to Clairbourn's faculty and students.
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  • Holden Fraser

    Holden Fraser

    "Prepared for the Future"
    I have always enjoyed my experience at Clairbourn. Going to Clairbourn has been a constant in my life, and the experience has prepared me for the future as well as shown me the importance and significance a great community can provide.
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  • Ashley Vu

    Ashley Vu

    "My Time Here Has Changed Me"
    I came to Clairbourn in seventh grade. Truthfully, at first I believed that my experiences at Clairbourn would not be as memorable compared to my experiences at my elementary school, but my perspective of how my new life at Clairbourn would be changed after meeting my new classmates.
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  • Christopher Stamos

    Christopher Stamos

    "Mental and Physical Strength"
    Clairbourn has been like a second home to me and I know that you all have heard that one before, but it’s true. I consider my classmates my siblings, and my teachers, my second parents. When I came to Clairbourn, I didn’t think much about it.
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  • Oren Wei

    Oren Wei

    "Learning to be Resilient"
    During my eight years attending Clairbourn, I have grown a lot. This growth was physical, mental, and social. I had to overcome many challenges, including maintaining my grades and getting good scores on exams. These challenges taught me to never give up and to work hard.
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  • Mercedes De La Torre

    "Importance of Ethics"
    My experience at Clairbourn began in 4th grade. Moving from San Diego to Los Angeles in 2009 was a major turning point in my life. At first, it was difficult having to adjust to an unfamiliar environment. I had to start over at a brand new school with new people. I was afraid.
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  • Owen Timoner

    Owen Timoner

    "Valuable Qualities Developed"
    I have been attending Clairbourn three years. I really cannot think of a better decision I could have made than to come to Clairbourn. I have developed so much as an individual, as a leader, socially, physically, and mentally.
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  • Xian Shively

    Xian Shively

    "Grateful for the Teachers"
    This school has treated me so well, and I have made many friends that I hope to keep for my entire life. This school has given me so much joy in the sports program as well. I enjoyed working to improve my skills and getting to compete against other schools.
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