Meet Our Parents

In the videos below, we asked current parents to respond, in their own words, to the following questions: What is important to you? How well does Clairbourn prepare students? Why should potential families visit the campus? What makes Clairbourn special?

Meet Our Parents.

Read the personal stories of Clairbourn School's families, both past and present.

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  • Shelley Coolidge

    Shelley Coolidge

    "High Academic Standards"
    Clairbourn is a school with both a high academic standard as well as a supportive and nurturing environment. That is a very hard combination to find in today’s hyper-competitive world. Equally important, Clairbourn emphasizes character, respect for one another, and responsibility for one’s community, as well as giving back—qualities the leaders of tomorrow most need. My children have thrived in this kind of school environment.
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  • Monica Lim

    Monica Lim

    "A Brain and a Heart"
    Clairbourn is academically competitive,​ and it focuses on social skills and citizenship creating a well-rounded educational environment. It not only gives our children a brain but also a heart which is important to us.
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  • Lucy Ketsoyan Balikian

    Lucy Ketsoyan Balikian

    "Wonderful School for Our Son"
    Ethics, tradition, values, spirituality, education, friendly staff, great educators, and lifelong friendships are the Clairbourn experience! Hands on interaction and the variety of subjects taught have helped our son's interest in all topics.
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  • Morgan King

    Morgan King

    "Striving for the Best"
    When you send your child to Clairbourn, you become family. Family participation is valued here and strongly encouraged! When your kids see you on campus participating, they take pride in knowing that you care, and in turn, they actively care about their own education.
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  • Dingliang (Terry) Xu

    Dingliang (Terry) Xu

    "Clairbourn 学校给孩子们提供了非常好的教育"
    Clairbourn 学校提供给孩子们一个快乐的学习环境, 因此孩子们非常愿意去上学并且每天都很开心。 学校有高学历和教育经验的老师随时都在帮助孩子们。而且家长可以有很多机会参与学校的各项活动,这样更多地了解学校。
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  • Laura Yeghnazar

    Laura Yeghnazar

    "Great Reputation"
    Clairbourn has a great reputation. It prepares our children academically very well—as evidenced by placing graduating students in the top high schools every year. Clairbourn is a tight knit community where parents are very involved in the Parent Association and close friendships are formed.
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  • Lisa Ranabargar

    Lisa Ranabargar

    "Clairbourn Stood Out to Us"
    There is a very strong community at Clairbourn—one that you want to be a part of, one that you take pride in being a part of. Everyone you interact with on campus—faculty, administrative staff, other parents from different grades than your children—are always positive.
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  • Carmen Ductoc

    Carmen Ductoc

    "Top-Quality Education"
    I love everything about Clairbourn. As the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child.” I feel I’m getting that at Clairbourn. The parents are very involved and care greatly about the school. I believe every teacher knows every child by name.
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  • Carina Walker

    Carina Walker

    "Fostering a Love of Learning"
    To start, Clairbourn is such a warm, nurturing environment. For preschool, we were looking for a developmental program, and Clairbourn’s environment, teachers, and philosophy all make a place where the kids just love coming to school. And, with the older grades, the kids at Clairbourn are so well-rounded, balanced—just great kids.
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  • Dr. Zori Buser

    Dr. Zori Buser

    "Solid Foundation - Both Academic and Social"
    Having an academic background ourselves, we want an environment for our daughter that will challenge her to be intellectually independent and to seize the opportunities she will encounter—and that is what Clairbourn stands for.
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  • Jill Fung

    Jill Fung

    "More than a School."
    Clairbourn is more than a school. It will become an extension of your family. Clairbourn School educates by example. It is academic, progressive, and nurturing all at the same time. The children are encouraged to take what they learn in the classrooms and use those skills in every aspect of their school experience at Clairbourn.
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  • Amy Corley

    Amy Corley

    "Prepared for High School"
    Clairbourn was one of the few schools that offered a program that extended from junior pre-kindergarten to eighth grade. We selected and stayed with Clairbourn for its caring, nurturing environment that provided academics, art, music, athletics and opportunities for travel and community service.
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  • Gisselle Espinoza

    Gisselle Espinoza

    "Opportunities to Reach Full Potential"
    Clairbourn School offers a nurturing environment conducive to learning where every child has the opportunity to reach his or her fullest potential. The opportunities for our children to develop their leadership skills have been countless. The emphasis on academics, creativity, values and respect are just a few traits that characterize Clairbourn.
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  • Lucy Huang Chang

    Lucy Huang Chang

    "Forming Habits of Success"
    In our present era, the academic levels of schools have elevated to a sophisticated level, and undoubtedly, there are much higher pressures for our children to succeed academically. The problem though, is that while schools hone in on academics as a priority for their education program, teachings of ethical and social values are declining.
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  • Kerry Reiling

    Kerry Reiling

    "Bringing Out Each Child's Potential"
    I chose Clairbourn because I am an alumna​. I had a very positive experience and I wanted my children to be able to have the same educational experience. I love the beautiful campus and it’s warm and safe environment. I felt Clairbourn fit our family well​, and we share the same educational philosophies and ethical values.
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  • Janice Kay Wong

    Janice Kay Wong

    "Personal Attention and Small Class Size"
    We chose Clairbourn because of the small class size where each student is engaged in learning and participates in all activities, from academic work to music, to sports. Everyone has an opportunity.
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  • Jennifer Bartlett

    Jennifer Bartlett

    "Credit to Clairbourn for High School Success"
    As the parent of a Clairbourn alum who is now a tenth-grader at St. Francis, my son and the boys who went with him to St. Francis are very happy. The majority of them were honors students in all four quarters of their freshman year and, best of all, they are still friends with each other while bringing new friends into the herd.
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