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Meet Our School Community

Clairbourn attracts families that value a supportive, community atmosphere, high standards, motivated students, and a joyous approach to learning.  Our students aren't the only ones that make friends on campus! The connections our parents make with one another, and with our faculty and staff, create a rewarding experience that is unique among area schools.  Clairbourn's community atmosphere is one of the most celebrated features of the school and a key factor in student success and accomplishment.

Enthusiasm Abounds in Parent Photo Contests

For people who have discovered the warmth, supportive atmosphere, and academic advantages at Clairbourn, enthusiasm runs high. Parents, who enroll for elementary or middle school grades, often remark that they wish they had known about Clairbourn School sooner!

Parent Scientists Teach Grade 3 STEM Lesson

Clairbourn's community is unique among area schools because of our emphasis on parent involvement in the life of the school. Parent engagement can boost student success both academically and behaviorally, and..."

Read our student and parent profiles on this page to discover why students value their experience and why parents choose Clairbourn.

High Level of Diversity

Valuing individual differences, building civic responsibility, and developing a global perspective are important elements of a Clairbourn education.The Clairbourn private school community reflects a high level of cultural, ethnic, religious, and economic diversity. Over 50% of our families self-report as belonging to one of the National Association of Independent Schools “Diversity” categories.
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Stand-Out Students

Students at Clairbourn are known for their academic skill, preparedness, organization, and resilience. They are also noted for their kindness and inclusiveness of others. They are allowed to discover their talents and abilities and gain a positive self-concept. They are service-minded and comfortable with public speaking, and move into leadership roles with ease. In all grades, students are taught how to develop foundational study habits, active listening skills, critical thinking, and self-discipline to ensure success. 
Approximately 97% of our graduates are accepted to private or independent high schools each year. The average GPA for eighth-graders is 3.7.
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Involved Parents

The parents who are attracted to Clairbourn often share the following values. They want a great educational experience that will ensure their child's future success in high school and beyond. They appreciate a well-rounded experience that develops the whole child and builds a strong personal foundation. 
Parents are looking to raise their child in a supportive environment where values are emphasized. They are also looking for a safe and supportive community that will welcome them and nurture their children.
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Private School Education for Preschool, Kindergarten, Elementary School & Middle School. Serving Families in the Pasadena Area and San Gabriel Valley. Clairbourn is a 501(c)3 charitable organization (K-12 Private Schools) and accredited by CAIS and WASC.