Educational Philosphy
Education at Clairbourn School is founded on a belief in the essential worth and unlimited capacity of every student. It strives for mastery of academic content with the development of intellectual habits and social skills necessary for success at any age. The school embraces proven educational methods informed by research, and the school constantly updates its program with fresh, innovative ideas, tools, technologies, and experiences. This commitment to educational excellence is founded on the following core beliefs.

Clairbourn's Educational Core Beliefs:
  1. That any student receptive to instruction can experience success.

  2. That the best education is one that assists the student in developing strong study habits, including active listening, critical thinking, disciplined effort, and collaboration skills.

  3. That future success and opportunities are enhanced and enriched by developing essential physical, creative, communication, social, and ethical skills.

  4. That the education of children is a partnership between the school and the family, requiring an instructional program that best supports individual student growth.

  5. That our democratic form of government requires an alert, informed, and active citizenry, an appreciation of heritage, and a deep respect for law.

  6. That the gift of access to quality education carries with it certain moral and spiritual obligations to mankind for its constructive use in a way that fosters noble ambition, service to others, and world brotherhood.

  7. That the cultivation of one’s spiritual nature, drawn from the Christian heritage of the school, provides personal stability and grit, builds a foundation for strength, courage, integrity, humility, and compassion in one’s endeavors, and leads to an establishment of sound character, and a respect for the convictions of others.

  8. That the combination of belonging to a strong community, where one can develop an inner strength and positive sense of self-worth, results in a foundation of resilience, adaptability, and stability required for meeting life’s challenges.
Origin of School Values:
Clairbourn’s five core values from our Code of Ethics: Honesty, Respect, Responsibility, Spirituality and Citizenship both inform the school’s educational philosophy and reflect the school’s Christian Science heritage. There is no religious instruction in the curriculum, and the core values are a central part of Clairbourn’s robust character education program. For more information, see the Morning Assembly and History pages on our website. 

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