Commitment To Educational Excellence
Education at Clairbourn School is founded on a belief in the importance of life-long learning and the essential worth and unlimited capacity of every student.  It strives for mastery of academic content with the development of intellectual habits and social skills necessary for success at any age. Working from a framework of traditional methods, the school constantly updates its program with fresh, innovative and appropriate ideas, tools, technologies, and experiences. This commitment to educational excellence is founded on the following core beliefs.

Clairbourn's Educational Core Beliefs:
  1. That any student who is receptive to instruction can experience success in proportion to his/her receptivity and application.

  2. That the best education is one that assists the student in acquiring basic study habits, including active listening, critical thinking, disciplined effort, and obedience to Principle.

  3. That the joy of learning is enhanced and enriched through the use of variety, creativity, and self expression in developing essential physical, mental and social skills.

  4. That the gift of understanding carries with it certain moral and spiritual obligations to mankind for its constructive use in a way that fosters noble ambition, unselfed service, and world brotherhood.

  5. That a deep respect and reverence for God as an active power in human affairs provides the foundation for strength, courage, integrity, humility, and compassion, and leads to an establishment of sound Christian character and a respect for the convictions of others.

  6. That the education of children is a shared responsibility between the school and the family, requiring the school to carry forward its instructional program in a way that preserves, supports, and enriches the basic family unit of which the student is a member.

  7. That the protection and preservation of our democratic form of government requires an alert, informed, and active citizenry anchored in a love of country, an appreciation of heritage, and a deep respect for law.
Origin of School Values:
Clairbourn School was founded in 1926 based on Christian Science religious values. Since 1967, we have been serving students of all faiths and backgrounds who are seeking an excellent private school education. Today, Clairbourn celebrates its Christian heritage with a daily 3-5 minute Chapel portion of the Morning Assembly, and takes a universal approach to teaching children of many cultures and religions. There is no religious instruction in the classroom. The school’s core values of honesty, respect, responsibility, spirituality, and citizenship continue to inform our educational philosophy that all children have unlimited God-given potential.

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