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Clairbourn has an outstanding and experienced administration who are professionally prepared, set high standards for students and their work, and provide a nurturing, supportive learning environment.  Appointments to meet with any administrator can be arranged through the school's Administration Secretary.  Call 626-286-3108 x 111 or email info@clairbourn.org.


Head of School - Dr. Amy Patzlaff

In 2018, Dr. Patzlaff was chosen as Clairbourn's new Head of School from a national pool of impressive candidates after a very thorough search process. In Dr. Patzlaff, the school has found a passionate, enthusiastic, and dynamic leader. Dr. Patzlaff has a Doctorate of Education in...
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Assistant Head of School - Kyron Millard

Mr. Millard comes to us having served as a middle school director with significant experience in the high school counseling process and established relationships with the area high school admissions directors. He is also an experienced middle school math teacher...
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Lower School Director (Preschool – Grade 3) - Karen Paciorek

Mrs. Paciorek holds an AA degree in Allied Health, a BS degree in Psychology, a MA degree in Clinical Psychology, a MA degree in Educational Administration, and has a CA Teaching Credential. Her current duties include providing an excellent leading-edge instructional...
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Director of Business & Finance - Janice Elmore

Janice Elmore excels at wisely running the business side of Clairbourn School - a non-profit institution with an annual operating budget of over $6 million dollars. She supervises the business office personnel and manages the day-to-day financial operations of the school...
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Director of Admissions - Janna Hawes

Janna Hawes is the first point of contact for prospective families and offers tours, assesses applications, and conducts interviews with prospective candidates and their families to determine if Clairbourn and the family are a good fit for one another. Prospective families...
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Development & Alumni Director - Dr. Janny Chang

Dr. Janny Chang joined Clairbourn’s staff in 2017.  She has a Ph.D. in Applied Anthropology from Columbia University, a M.A. degree in Sociocultural Anthropology from U.C. Davis, and a B.S. degree in Information and Computer Science. She has worked in...
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Director of Communications - Nancy Ward

Nancy Ward holds a BA from Principia College and a BFA from Art Center College of Design. She manages the information activities of the school, both internally and externally, and positions Clairbourn's name in the community through article writing, photography...
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Administrative Assistant - Jeanette Zamora

Mrs. Jeanette Zamora is Clairbourn’s new Administrative Assistant.  She is the key person for parents to work with to book appointments with the Administration. She handles a wide range of operational details of the school including managing the school’s digital...
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Communications and Marketing Assistant - Annie Conner

Mrs. Annie Conner is Clairbourn’s new Communications and Marketing Assistant assigned to work closely with our Communications Director Nancy Ward. Mrs. Conner will be highly visible on campus at events and in the classroom as a school photographer, videographer, and reporter...
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