Qualified, Caring, Excellent Educators and Partners in Parenting
Clairbourn has an outstanding and experienced teaching staff who are professionally prepared, set high standards for students and their work, and provide a nurturing, supportive learning environment. Many of our teachers hold a master's degree in addition to their teaching credential. In the preschool grades through Kindergarten, all teachers have a full-time degreed assistant. The student to teacher ratio school-wide is 9:1.

Clairbourn Faculty Profile:
Faculty Members – 21
Average number of years teaching – 16 years
Average length of teaching career at Clairbourn – 13 years
More than 33% have advanced degrees


Junior Pre-Kindergarten Teacher - Mrs. Rankin

Mrs. Rankin has a gift for making students' first school experiences exciting and enjoyable. Upon entering her classroom, it becomes immediately obvious that she provides a highly creative, nurturing, loving, joyous, experiential classroom environment which is...
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Junior Pre-Kindergarten Teacher Assistant - Ms. Dannalou Machi

Ms. Dannalou Machi is the Teacher Assistant for the Junior Pre-Kindergarten class. Ms. Machi makes it a point to stay current with early-childhood development issues and frequently reads up on education and gender difference topics.  When working with children, she...
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Pre-Kindergarten Teacher - Mrs. Rubio

"I incorporate activity-based learning as much as possible and I expand on subjects that the children are interested in. Engaging students in the learning process increases their attention and focus, motivates them to practice higher-level critical thinking skills and..."
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Pre-Kindergarten Teacher Assistant - Miss Che

Miss Che is a clear communicator, ready to engage children with individual attention and to patiently provide them with repetitive exposure to concepts as needed. “I am passionate and dedicated about contributing to a caring and positive learning environment. I believe in..." 
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Kindergarten Teacher - Mrs. Shoemake

Mrs. Kristen Shoemake is our Kindergarten teacher and she has twenty-eight years of teaching experience. She coordinates and develops the kindergarten S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) projects which involve skills that she incorporates in her class...
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Kindergarten Teacher Assistant - Miss Cassie Steedman

Miss Cassie Steedman is our Kindergarten Teacher Assistant. She is a newly-minted college graduate and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Educational Studies with a minor in Global Studies from Principia College.  She has experience working with kindergarten students from...
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Grade 1 Teacher - Ms. Dezutter

Ms. Lindsay Dezutter has a Master of Teaching with Elementary Education Endorsement degree and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications (both from Whitworth University), she has CLAD Authorization from UC Riverside (training that provides strategies to help develop...
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Grade 2 Teacher - Mrs. Roberts

Clairbourn’s Grade 2 Teacher, Mrs. Karen Roberts, holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature degree from Occidental College and has her Teaching Credential from Cal State L.A. "I feel that children deserve to have educators who believe that they are capable of anything. I am passionate...
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Grade 3 Teacher - Mrs. Ward

Mrs. Susan Ward is our Grade 3 Teacher, and has eight years of teaching experience. Mrs. Ward holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies and a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential with an English Learner Authorization.  She is known for providing her students with a vibrant...
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Grade 4 Teacher - Ms. Edwards

Ms. Tara Edwards is our Grade 4 teacher. Her goals for her students are “...for them to develop higher order thinking skills, assert their independence, become responsible and organized individuals, and to have them create healthy study habits."  Ms. Edwards frequently attends educational...
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Grade 5 Teacher - Mrs. Maltbie

Mrs. Kimberlee Maltbie is our Grade 5 teacher and has been with us for seven years. Mrs. Maltbie has a Bachelor of Arts degrees in both Education and Sociology with a Minor in Asian Studies. “Parents can expect from me a spirit of dedication, hard work, and commitment to...

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Middle School Math Teacher - Ms. Berge

Ms. Rebecca Berge is our Middle School Math teacher and instructs grades 6-8. She recognizes that, “Math does not come easily to every individual, but I impart a “can do” attitude, accompanied by a positive outlook that allows students to take initiative, and achieve success...
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Middle School Social Studies Teacher - Ms. Corwin

Ms. Laurie Corwin is our Middle School Social Studies Teacher, 7th Grade Dean, and Student Council Advisor. She has been a teacher for twenty-one years and has a Bachelor of Arts degree in American and Social Studies. Ms. Corwin begins each class with current event discussions...

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Middle School Science Teacher - Mrs. Kibbe

Mrs. Joanna Kibbe is our Middle School Science Teacher. She has sixteen years of teaching experience and a Bachelor of Science in Biology. Prior to working at Clairbourn, Mrs. Kibbe worked at G.W.I.Z. (Gulf Coast Wonder and Imagination Zone). This is a hands-on science and technology...
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Middle School English Teacher - Mrs. Taylor

Mrs. Janet Taylor is our Middle School English Teacher and she also serves as the Middle School Coordinator and the 8th Grade Dean. “I want students to be able to organize their thoughts and express them clearly, both in writing and orally. I want students to be critical thinkers able to...
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World Language & Drama Teacher - Mrs. Barker

Mrs. Cara Barker is Clairbourn’s language instructor for French and Latin and our drama instructor. She is known for her depth, creativity, and style, and has twenty-five years of teaching experience. Mrs. Barker holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and has a Master of...
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Spanish Teacher - Mrs. Drazic

Mrs. Mary Drazic is our Spanish teacher for Grades 3, 4, and 5 and Middle School. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish Language and Literature, a Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice Administration Crime Analysis, a Master of Science degree in Education...

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Music Teacher - Mrs. Kiertzner

Mrs. Rosemary Kiertzner has served as the director of drum and bugle corps, marching bands, jazz and concert bands, children’s choirs, and orchestras. Her college and university bands, where she directed and conducted, participated in numerous North American concert tours...

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Head Librarian and Strings Music Teacher - Ms. Mize

Ms. Ann Mize has been working at Clairbourn for twenty-one years, during which time she has had the pleasure of working with students from preschool through eighth grade. In both of her roles, she engages with the students on a personal level to foster an appreciation for her passions—reading and music.
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Technology Teacher and Drama Teacher - Mr. Barker

Mr. Paul Barker is our technology teacher with twenty-six years of teaching experience. He has a Master of Education degree, a Bachelor of Arts degree in History, and Minors in Computer, and Drama. In addition to being our technology teacher, Mr. Barker serves as the Sixth Grade Dean...
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Art Teacher - Mrs. Ball

Mrs. Hayley Ball is Clairbourn’s creative and inspiring art teacher, and she holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. She is a talented muralist and sign artist with accompanying digital art skills that include graphic design, web design, layout design, logo design, and digital...
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Athletic Director & P.E. Teacher - Mrs. Devasto

Mrs. Mimi DeVasto is our Physical Education Teacher for both boys and girls and is the Athletic Director. She coaches our volleyball, basketball, track and softball teams. Ms. DeVasto has a Bachelor of Business and Economics degree, a Master of English...
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Physical Education Teacher - Mr. Ball

Mr. Luke Ball is Clairbourn’s physical education teacher for both boys and girls. He has a Bachelor of Coaching and Athletic Administration degree, his W.S.I. (Water Safety Instruction) Certification, and he is in the process of receiving his Master of Coaching...

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