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The Book Fair, Entrepreneur Fair, and Father's Visiting Day

The past seven days at school have delivered a true fall harvest of events and accomplishments within our Clairbourn community.  Leading the charge was the spectacular Haunted Book Fair that began last Friday afternoon.  Thousands of children’s and young-adult books were fabulously showcased in the Multi-Purpose Building. 

Book Fair Chair Meighan Brisbois, her committee, and an army of volunteers set up and staffed this well-coordinated book-selling event. Meighan’s husband, Joe, designed the "haunted mansion" look of the book fair set which included spooky versions of photos of well-known authors and creepy monster-stenciled wallpaper.  The look was finished off with props provided by the book fair committee to accent each table.

Coincident with The Haunted Book Fair was the Entrepreneurial Fair on Scott Studenmund Field.  More than thirty-five sales booths were open for business with students selling their hand-made goods, food items, and games. The behind-the-scenes teamwork of parents and teachers, who encouraged students to design, market, and sell items to gain business experience, has spawned the best Entrepreneur Fair we have had to date.  Congratulations to Co-chairs Carina Walker and Carmen Heltsley!  

And finally, Fathers Visiting Day was held yesterday.  It was a wonderful morning of education, celebration, and community networking.  Thank you to all the dads and family friends who were on-hand to share a moment in the life of the school.  The students are so excited for you to be with them. Taking time out of busy schedules is not easy, but putting first things first is an important lesson to teach and to demonstrate.  
Our sense of community sets us apart, and clearly, the Clairbourn community really turned out for all of these exciting events! Congratulations and thank you, one and all!


Robert W. Nafie, Ph. D.
Head of School

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