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The Daily Influence of the Annual Fund

A Benefit to All School Programs

This year’s Annual Fund is nearing its launch.  It comes every fall, but there is not one school day in which it does not find expression in our superior program.  Without it, our students will not be able to compete on an even-footing with their educational counterparts, both here and abroad. 

I see evidence of the Annual Fund working hard on behalf of our students every day.  I see it every time our students leave for field trips in rented buses. I see it in financial aid support for many Clairbourn families.  
All of the specialists who teach art, music, and technology, as well as our teaching assistants in the preschool and kindergarten, are paid for by the Annual Fund. Guest speakers, special assemblies, and the student-run Shakespeare play are supported by the Annual fund. Even sports uniforms and cutting-edge technology like robots and 3D printers are paid for by the Annual Fund.   
You can also see it at work in unexpected places. The Clairbourn Shield logo design, created by former parent Mary McCormick Mitchell, was brought to us by the Annual Fund.  You can see it in our distinctive lunch-table awnings that shade our students every day.  Even the handsome MPB presentation backdrop emblazoned with our motto, “Vérité Sans Peur” was possible because Annual Fund money paid for the design and construction. From technology and sound systems to the soft play surfaces, all of these amenities ensure our students are prepared for the future.

Every gift counts and directly contributes to the heightened quality of our educational program.  I urge you to participate, give what you can, and join me in witnessing the good our Annual Fund can do here every day throughout the year.

Thank you. 


Robert W. Nafie, Ph. D.
Head of School

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