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A Week To Remember

Thanking Host Families

Last week, Clairbourn families opened their hearts and homes to young people from another country: Australia.  In true Clairbourn spirit, we reaffirmed that we are all one people, the children of God.  Well done, Clairbourn!

We are naturally protective of our homes. It’s where we begin and end most days. It’s where we find shelter from the challenges of the work day. It’s where we raise our families, where we keep our most prized possessions. In short, it is the center of our ever-widening lives.

Opening our homes to strangers does not come naturally. Yet that’s exactly what eleven Clairbourn families did this past week. In support of our fourteen-year-old student exchange program with Huntingtower School in Melbourne, Australia, Clairbourn families volunteered to open their houses and their hearts to students who were seven thousand miles from home.  These children were blessed, and in return, a blessing was left in the hearts of these families.

When you have an opportunity, please thank these families for their gift to our school:

Kris Mohandie (2 boys)
Tanja Cole (2 boys)
Stephen & Carina Walker (2 boys)
John & Julie McIlvery (2 boys)
Bill Marelich & Kim Elsesser (2 boys)
John Desjarlais & Christine Brown (2 girls)
Russell & Karen McCarley (2 girls)
Steve Haegelin & Juli Khoe (2 girls)
Bhart Manwani & Diana Balmori (2 girls)
Manny Grace & Casey Caffee-Grace (2 girls)
Harry Tsao & Carol Chen (4 girls)


Robert W. Nafie, Ph. D.
Head of School

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