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Welcoming Australian Students

A Priceless Exchange Experience

There is a great deal we can learn from other countries and other cultures.  It’s the primary reason people love to travel.  Seeing different sights, hearing different music, enjoying different foods, and learning about the history of others are all reasons why exploring our world is so popular.  

Whether traveling alone, or with a tour group, it’s not very common to stay with a family in the country you’re visiting. Clairbourn provides its 7th and 8th graders with just such an opportunity.

Through the association we have established with Huntingtower School in Melbourne, Australia, our students get to live with an Australian family for about ten days.  They do all the things that Australian families do and really feel what life is like “down under.”  In return, the Aussies get to come to Los Angeles and stay with Clairbourn families in alternating years.  This year Clairbourn is hosting Australian students!

As a rule, most middle-schoolers do not get such opportunities.  Foreign countries can be daunting, especially if you are away from your family members.  For that reason, the exchange with Huntingtower is priceless.  Both the United States and Australia are former English colonies. Both speak a type of English. Both countries enjoy a rich heritage of friendship and cooperation. So, staying with welcoming Australian families is one of the easiest forms of international school exchange.

Beginning this Friday, we are opening a new chapter in the Huntingtower-Clairbourn student exchange that began in the Fall of 2002, fourteen years ago. We have exchanged students every year since.  Please take a moment to welcome and speak with our Australian friends from Huntingtower School. 


Robert W. Nafie, Ph. D.
Head of School

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