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Parking Lot Safety

Your Full Attention Is Required

Clairbourn has safe and orderly arrival and departure procedures.  When followed by competent and alert drivers, they provide Clairbourn students and families with efficiency and protection.  By far, most Clairbourn families understand them and attend to these procedures conscientiously. The most important ingredient, however, is your full attention while in the parking lot area.  But there are some factors that can compromise safety.  Here are just a few:

1. Hurrying – Rushing through the parking lot area in order to be on-time to Chapel or some other event causes people to take less time in making important safety decisions.  Resist this temptation.

2. Cell Phones – Experts tells us that true multi-tasking does not occur.  We merely divide our attention and our efforts among competing tasks quickly.  Do not use your cell phone in the parking lot area, whether driving or walking.  This includes calls, texts, and emails.

3. Backing Up – The Clairbourn parking spaces are on an angle, but require extreme care when backing out.  Most drivers are courteous and patient.  They will recognize your desire to exit and will do what they can to assist you. However, during peak arrival and departure times, delays are inevitable.  Don’t let these delays compromise your full attention to safety.

4. Looping Back – If it is necessary for you to “go around” in the parking lot, you must not block cars exiting the parking lot.  This can lead to gridlock, anxiety, and loss of the safety protocol.  If you cannot position your car to “go around," you must exit the parking lot and line up again.

5. Improper Procedures – There are too many to list them all, but improper procedures include: dropping off from the driving lane, dropping off in the driving lane on Huntington Drive, dropping off near the back parking lot, parking in the fire lanes, leaving or parking your car in the drop off zone, pulling to the side of the driving lane to wait for passengers.  And there are many others.

Ensuring parking lot safety requires your full attention.  Please arrive on-time, put your cell phone away, drive or park in accordance with official Clairbourn procedures, and be patient.

Thank you.


Robert W. Nafie, Ph. D.
Head of School

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