The Teachers Prepared Me

Kristofer Chang - Class of 2016

I have been at Clairbourn for the past 11 years. These 11 years will be forever cherished in my heart.  Clairbourn gave me the best childhood that anyone could possibly have. 

Next year, I will be attending Flintridge Prep. All of the lessons and morals that I have learned here will absolutely help me in high school. I will honor the Code of Ethics and follow them in high school. I will be responsible, honest, respectful, spiritual, and a good citizen. The teachers at Clairbourn prepared me with all of the knowledge that I need to know for the upcoming years.

I will take everything that I learned here, and it will give me the strength and courage to start a new path in high school. Thank you Clairbourn for a great beginning.
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