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Word-of-Mouth in the Digital Age

More Important Now Than Ever!

It seems everywhere we turn today, people are talking about the Internet—both the advantages and the disadvantages. With lightning fast smartphones and a vast treasure trove of information on Wikipedia, Yelp, Yahoo, Google, Amazon, and other applications, we're never very far away from getting the facts we desire.  It's essential that Clairbourn provide up-to-date interactive digital information for our parents and others wishing to learn more about us.  In fact, it's the reason why we have just launched a completely re-designed mobile-adaptive website.

However, we have discovered, or rediscovered, something we once knew: personal recommendations are better than almost anything else.  When our parents speak highly of our school to a friend or acquaintance, it registers more deeply than simply finding information in an online search.  In a recent poll of Clairbourn parents, we found that the overwhelming majority of prospective parents first learned about Clairbourn from current or former parents.  Only after such a recommendation, did they turn to the Internet for follow-up details, including how to apply, the cost of tuition, and information on curriculum.

Our parents have always been great supporters of the school, and part of that support can include making a point to mention Clairbourn in conversations with others.  For instance, you might share with your friends or acquaintances something really special that happened at school, like an assembly, a field trip, an important achievement, or a sports victory.  No one will put in a plug for our school if we don't do it ourselves.

For this reason, we've launched a special effort to emphasize the value of personal recommendations for Clairbourn—now in its 90th year. That alone is a reason for a conversation and a personal recommendation!  As some of you already know, we're distributing Clairbourn hats, coffee mugs, license plate holders, and other items in an effort to encourage our whole community to endorse our school and include it in your social conversations.   

Thanks for helping to share the pride and love our students feel for their school, now 90 years young!
Robert W. Nafie, Ph. D.
Head of School

Posted on: 9/22/2015 3:39 PMComments (0)


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