Learning to be Resilient

Oren Wei, Class of 2014

During my eight years attending Clairbourn, I have grown a lot.  This growth was physical, mental, and social. I had to overcome many challenges, including maintaining my grades and getting good scores on exams. These challenges taught me to never give up and to work hard.  
The most important lesson I learned was to be resilient. Whether it was running for student council or maintaining my grades, resilience played a big part. I learned to never give up and always bounce back. Clairbourn has helped me realize what is important, when it is time to be serious, and when it is time to relax. 
I will never forget the friends I made here and the skills that I have learned. I would like to thank all my teachers for all they have done to help me. With the help of my teachers and my friends, I have a sturdy foundation to face any future challenges. Words cannot express my gratitude. After all the years I have spent with my class at Clairbourn, I can really call this place my home away from home. 
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