One-of-a-Kind Community

Clayton Searcy, Class of 2015

I have been at Clairbourn since I was three-years-old in junior pre-kindergarten.   My older sister had been going to school at Clairbourn, so I was familiar with the school. Before I started attending Clairbourn, [a friend] and I would play on the playground while we waited for our big sisters to get out of school. We were excited to get to finally get to go to Clairbourn ourselves.
The teachers here at Clairbourn have taught me so many good lessons. All the teachers here are amazing. I have learned so much at Clairbourn. I will take away EVERYTHING that I’ve learned to high school.  
I’ve learned that whenever you get a great opportunity you have to take it. Gotta catch them all.  I’ve learned how to add, subtract, multiply, spell, read, speak, and many other things. I have not just learned academically, I’ve learned to be a good person, to be kind to others and to make peace. I learned how to grow up. I know growing up is something inevitable, but I’ve learned to grow up into a good person. I am certain that every single student who goes to Clairbourn will grow up to be a good person. 
Seriously, I would like to thank everyone! Every single person here--teachers, fellow students, and parents. You all have been so nice to me and helped me to succeed.  I am really going to miss the feeling of community that we have here. This wonderful sense of community is one-of-a-kind. Thank you Clairbourn. It’s been a great 11 years!
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