Teachers Have Challenged Me

Bella Leifer, Class of 2015

Although I have only been at Clairbourn for ​three years of middle school, I was still challenged and have become a better person because of my time here. Clairbourn became a second home for me filled with my second family, and one of my favorite things about Clairbourn is how nice, friendly, welcoming, and caring the people here are.
Clairbourn not only prepared me academically but also exposed me to new experiences. In 6th grade I was shy, quiet, and didn't like to speak in public. Then one day in chapel Mr. Barker announced that there would be tryouts for the Shakespeare play, and I thought to myself, it wouldn't hurt to try it out, so I did. Since then I looked forward to the play every year and would like to give much thanks to the Barkers for their wonderful directing and for exposing kids to theat​er. If not for them, I wouldn't know how fun and thrilling it is to do acting. My personal favorite role that I have portrayed out of the three plays was Phoebe in our last play, As You Like It.
My teachers have challenged me and taught me so many things, not just from the textbooks, but also how to be your best self. I have learned that agriculture and trade are the base of every thriving society from history class. In English class we learned to not only do the work but understand it and to put forth full effort. During student council we were shown how to be leaders and respect other people’s views on things. In math class we learned that no problem is impossible to solve. My teachers throughout my years here have helped me so much and have helped me to prepare for my next four years of school at Mayfield Senior. 
One of my favorite activities at Clairbourn are the trips and spirit days. On the Pali class trips everyone bonded and we learned about teamwork and to have fun. Also the buddy days that student council put on were fun, and we got to meet other students from other grades and do teamwork activities with them.
I would also like to give a big thanks to my parents.  I am going to miss Clairbourn greatly. I am going to miss walking into chapel and sitting next to my friends. I am going to miss listening to the morning announcements about the sports teams winning their games. I am going to miss walking down the walkway to my next class and then realizing that the first bell just rang so I have to hurry. I don't have just one thing that I am going to miss about Clairbourn, I’m going to miss it all. I will take Dr. Seuss’ advice and won’t “cry because it’s over, smile because it’s happened.”
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