Top-Quality Education

Carmen Ductoc

I love everything about Clairbourn.  As the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child.”  I feel I’m getting that at Clairbourn.  The parents are very involved and care greatly about the school.  I believe every teacher knows every child by name.   

Besides the academics, the kids gain knowledge and a wide variety of experiences through field trips and outings.  I love the fact that every child leaves the school with the ability to speak in public. While visiting the campus and speaking to students, I was impressed with the maturity of their middle school students and how courteous they were to all visitors. 

Clairbourn’s moral values are exactly what we try to teach our children at home.  I liked the idea of their morning school-wide announcements and morning messages.   I figured hearing those messages everyday would become ingrained in the students and make them better people.

Having had a child start in kindergarten and graduate from Clairbourn, I know how well prepared they are for the rigors of high school and am pleased with the top-quality education they are receiving.
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