Fostering a Love of Learning

Carina Walker

To start, Clairbourn is such a warm, nurturing environment.  For Preschool, we were looking for a developmental program, and Clairbourn’s environment, teachers, and philosophy all make a place where the kids just love coming to school.  And, with the older grades, the kids at Clairbourn are so well-rounded, balanced—just great kids.

I love the philosophy that kids should be well balanced, not just in academics, but in all facets of being good citizens.  I love the philosophy that pushes kids to be the best that they can personally be.  I love sending them to a school that feels like an extended family and where everyone knows your name.

One of our sons fell in love with the Nanowrimo project, where he and his friends all set personal writing goals, and spend the month typing away on their own work of fiction. Our other son really had his horizons broadened in the Middle School microlending class, where they study a foreign region and actually lend small sums of money to individuals in third world countries. 

My kids’ academic experience has been great.  There is no doubt they are getting a top quality education, but more importantly, it's an environment that fosters a love of learning that they will take with them for the rest of their lives.
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