Prepared for High School

Amy Corley

Clairbourn was one of the few schools that offered a program that extended from junior pre-kindergarten to eighth grade. We selected and stayed with Clairbourn for it’s caring, nurturing environment that provided academics, art, music, athletics and opportunities for travel and community service.
Clairbourn has provided a safe and enriching environment that has enabled our son to develop and mature from a preschooler to teenager. Clairbourn strikes the right balance between caring, supportive faculty, academic content, and emphasis on core values (i.e. honesty, respect, responsibility, spirituality and community).

The only agenda of the Clairbourn faculty is to help each child to succeed. Over the years many different teachers have gone out of their way to provide extra care and support to our son whether it be in-class instruction, after school tutoring, or study hall. When they say that Clairbourn teachers care, they really do.

During the earlier years at Clairbourn, there is a focus on developing a compassionate child who loves learning.  As the children advance in age, more focus is placed on academics and athletics. Clairbourn does not try to push too much content to fast. The finished products are well rounded, pleasant, thoughtful, eager young people who are prepared for high school.
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