Survey Responses from the Classes of 1999 through 2017
  • "I would strongly encourage anyone applying to schools to consider Clairbourn. It prepared me very well for my high school experience." 

  • "The class size allows all students to create strong individual bonds with one another and also allows all students to try leadership opportunities. Overall it gave me a lot of confidence, and I was ready for the rigors of a high school like Harvard Westlake."

  • "Excellent school, great teachers committed to well-rounded education, handsome campus."

  • "Clairbourn offers an excellent academic environment with first-rate, caring teachers and staff."

  • "Clairbourn has introduced me to music, which is now what I will be focusing on in college. All of my talents and recognition I have received is a result of Clairbourn."

  • "It is a challenging environment filled with insightful and dedicated teachers."

  • "I loved Clairbourn as a student and now look back very fondly on my time there. I had several wonderful, remarkable teachers who made an indelible imprint on me and my future, both academically and personally. I would not be where I am today without having had such an outstanding Clairbourn education and experience."

  • "The education this school brings to the table is second to none. This is a great school that I will always support because of the things they have given me."

  • "I couldn't have asked for a more well-rounded and supportive foundation than I received at Clairbourn."

  • "Clairbourn provided a solid foundation for me and gave the confidence that I have today to question and speak up without the fear that I’m wrong. My teachers also greatly influenced my moral values without me even knowing it. I know how to share and collaborate, listen to others, and still speak up for myself. All the teachers take such good care of you. I’m so thankful to have had Clairbourn."

  • "Clairbourn offers an education that doesn't just focus on education, but shapes the entire student to be a well-rounded individual."

  • "Great school! Loved all my teachers and friends that I met there. I really felt that I got a great education from Clairbourn while also being able to enjoy being a child :)."

  • "I loved my time at Clairbourn. It was a small, safe and engaging environment that allowed me to explore my interests and hone my academic prowess."

  • "Clairbourn emphasizes the process of learning in any subject which in turn helps students better understand, remember, and appreciate the material. Clairbourn also sees failures not as failures but an opportunity to better understand something or something that adds to an experience, not subtract from it."
  • "It prepared me well as far as time management with a large load of homework and projects.

  • "Great environment, and it is academically challenging."

  • "Clairbourn really prepares you well for high school in terms of group activities and public speeches since there are chapels every morning."

  • "It is a great school with a good environment and very good teachers. It was an excellent experience that prepared me well."

  • "The welcoming and supportive environment ensures that students will succeed and be prepared for high school and throughout the rest of their lives."


From Letters and Emails to the School
  • "I feel so prepared! Many of my high school classmates are struggling with organization and essay writing, but I know how to manage my time thanks to Clairbourn." - Julia McMullan, Class of 2012.

  • “Clairbourn’s emphasis on public speaking is unique and really has helped me to this day. Every single student speaks in front of the entire school at some point during their Cougar career. This opportunity is distinctive to Clairbourn and provides a public speaking foundation for years to come.” - Abigail Urquhart ‘03​

  • "Each and every day I improve upon my Clairbourn foundation. I hope we stay in touch as I continue on my career."- Jordan Dorenfeld '01

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