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Clairbourn, Clairbourn, Clairbourn School....boy, oh boy, what more can I say about this great school nestled on the San Marino/San Gabriel border. This place is wonderfully located on Huntington Drive so it's convenient to get to wherever you live! This school is very family oriented and a true parent's dream come true. I love the fact they allow parents on campus because they are all about parent involvement and interaction with their own children. 

Stephen W. Pasadena, CA
Clairbourn is an amazingly supportive learning environment with excellent balance between academics, sports and social activities. Students graduating from Clairbourn are some of the most well rounded and academically strong students you will find in the greater LA area.

Andrea R.  Los Angeles, CA
My son's critical thinking skills have improved tremendously! There is a lot of hands on learning. This is a traditional school with a slight progressive feel. My son loves going to school everyday. The administration really listens to the teachers and the parents. 

Laura G. Pasadena, CA
Clairbourn School in San Gabriel, California is a treaure!  Our son began attending Clairbourn for pre-kindergarten and is now going into 3rd grade.  He has learned a lot academically, in the arts, music, computer and sports.  He has blossomed.  He goes to school happy, and comes home happy.  He loves his teachers, classmates and the school staff.  As a family, we have had the same experience. The teachers and staff are wonderful. They truly are interested in bringing out the best qualities in every student.  In addition, the campus is beautiful. We could not ask for anything more.  We feel fortunate to be part of such a wonderful school. We look forward to our son continuing through the 8th grade at Clairbourn School.

Elise W.  Pasadena, CA 
My daughter just graduated from 8th grade at Clairbourn, and we were delighted with both the challenging academic education and the supportive, nurturing environment the school provided.  The class of students she was with was wonderful, all with supportive parents, and they grew to be almost like family for us.  If you're looking for an elementary or middle school education with a more personal touch, that provides rigorous academics, but with a "heart", Clairbourn is a school that you really should look into. We will definitely miss it..

David S.  Rowland Heights, CA
Clairbourn is an outstanding school. My son is graduating from the eighth grade next week after attending the school continuously since Pre-Kindergarten, a total of 10 years. I've driven him to school every day and it's a pleasure to arrive at such a beautiful campus and be greeted by friendly staff, teachers and parents.
The teachers handle virtually every situation very calmly but firmly. One of the best parts of Clairbourn is its headmaster, Dr. Nafie. I love how he says when the Honor Roll is presented that every student is capable of attaining the Headmaster's List (straight A's), because the students are not ranked but are compared to a standard. I've also heard him say that standardized tests do not measure things like having a sense of humor, but we'd all agree that it is an important characteristic to have in getting on with the world. Dr. Nafie strongly encourages musical education and established a program in which every student learns how to play an instrument in 4th and 5th grade.

The academic preparation is excellent. The middle school provides a thorough preparation for the high school application process, with interviewing classes for the students and counseling for the parents.

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Parent Reviews
"Clairbourn is an excellent school in the Pasadena area. My children have attended the school since pre-k. This is our eighth year at Clairbourn. The school is academically strong with a reasonable amount of daily homework. It offers music, art, foreign language (Spanish, French, Latin), computer classes and PE  every school day. Everybody who works here is extremely friendly…" More reviews > 
"Excellent school, teachers and students. Kids are happy and enjoy learning. Good test scores and motivated students.  Definitely a well balanced school."  More reviews >
"Clairbourn School has been excellent since the first time I have went there, In first grade. All the teachers are encouraging, and teach us a lot. Clairbourn is not too strict, but they teach the students not just by reading and extremely hard work, but also through more relaxing and energetic ways. I have seen people leave this school, and..." More reviews > 
"Great school with a nurturing environment. My son has been there for 8 years and totally loving it. He is excited about going to school every day and that itself is rewarding for the parents.  He is doing well in school and the students there are very well-behaved."  More reviews >
"I have two young Cougars of my own there, and they love it. Emphasis on ethics, academics, art, technology, parent involvement and nurturing a student's individuality. Differentiated teaching for various learning styles present in many classrooms. Beautiful campus, energetic families association, abroad programs and week-long, team-building field trips for middle school. Service learning programs in place. Public speaking skills developed..."  More reviews >
"My daughter has been at Clairbourn for 5 years. If you are looking for a school at cares about your child and wants to help them be the best person they can be, then this is a great choice.  The kids are happy, friendly and polite.  Parental involvement is encouraged.  The kids are encouraged and have many opportunities to participate..."   More reviews >
"I love Clairbourn even though I've only been involved for about 2 years. The teachers are great, it has a great amount of kids in each class and it is a great environment for anyone. I wouldn't be able to understand anyone who doesn't love Clairbourn School."  More reviews >
"A beautiful, smart and venerable school full of kids with active library cards and firm handshakes.  Clairbourn students are comfortable with themselves, and easy with adults.  The academics here are strong, and the teachers are varied and excellent.  Our son has been at Clairbourn for six years and has loved it all the way.  We have a Head of School..." More reviews >  

"Our son goes to the JPK.  Very loving environment, good teachers and outstanding facilities but very expensive!!!  Overall, we are extremely satisfied..."  More reviews >
"I love it! My children go here and it is an excellent environment for learning, sports and the arts. The teachers here are great and can be challenging. Also, this school goes a great job in high school admissions and most students get into the top high schools in the area. Its a great school."  More reviews >

"My two young sons attend Clairbourn now, and we look forward to their participation in the arts offered at Clairbourn. They look forward to learning to play instruments and to acting in the Shakespeare productions once they are in the middle school. They also immensely enjoy their experiences in art classes. We chose Clairbourn specifically for its nurturing of students..."  More reviews > 
"I am an alum of the school and have 2 children who have graduated from Clairbourn.  Our experience with the school has been exceptional, considering I have other children who went to a fine area public school.  The class sizes where just right; the resourses were rich; they had a variety of experiences, being exposed to the arts, music and..." More reviews > 

"I am an alum of the school and had a wonderful experience.  I love the spiritual emphasis in the 5-7 min Chapel each morning where positive character traits are emphasized.  The academics are very strong and all of the students in my class and in the classes of my siblings got into top prep schools in the area.  The preparation..."  More reviews >

"I went to Clairbourn for eight years and highly recommend this school.  What I loved best about it was the wide-range of personal development activities.  The school gave me a strong music and art foundation in addition to the high quality of competitive academics.  I've always felt that my education at Clairbourn has enabled me to stand out academically, exhibit..."  More reviews >

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