Supporting Clairbourn with Gifts of Stock

We are happy to receive gifts of stock. Your broker can transfer them electronically into Clairbourn School's brokerage account.

First, ask your broker to transfer securities to Clairbourn by calling Carolyn James at Wells Fargo Advisors. Her phone number is 626-583-4103. She has the DTC number and the Clairbourn School account number.

Second, email, fax, phone or mail a letter telling Clairbourn that a transfer is being made. The contact information is:

        Clairbourn School
        Dr. Janny Chang
        8400 Huntington Dr.
        San Gabriel, Ca 91755
Email: development@clairbourn.org
        626-286-3108 ext. 121

Include the type and number of shares of stock, and tell us how you wish your gift be used to support the school (i.e. the gift is for the Annual Fund, a Capital Campaign, or an Endowment).

The tax deduction that you may receive for your gift is based on the average price of the stock calculated using its high and low the date the gift is received into the Clairbourn account.

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