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Sharon Stump Sinclair: A Half-Century of Educational Excellence

In today's society careers can be quite short-lived.
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Social Skills v. Social Media

Socialization and the development of key social skills are crucial to our success and happiness as human beings.
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The Deeper Value of an Excellent Clairbourn Education

It seems that wherever we go today people are talking about Value-Added.
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CAIS Conference: Clairbourn Leadership Hears Reinforcing Research on the Benefits of School Gardens

Members of the Clairbourn School Board of Trustees, along with Assistant Head of School Gloria Stahmer and Headmaster Robert Nafie, attended the annual Trustee/Heads Conference of the California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS) in San Francisco this past weekend.
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Student Engagement: The Road to Success

Many studies have been conducted over the years looking into the reasons for low student achievement in schools.
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Clairbourn Cares: Helping The Philippines

Thank you to Clairbourn's Student Council for leading the way in lending quick and effective relief to the victims of Typhoon Haiyan!
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Our Flexible Library and Its Future

Since 2007, the iPhone and its Android cousins have revolutionized communication and the acquisition of information.
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Popularity and Leadership

Everyone enjoys having friends, and almost no one has too many.
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Reading: Setting The Right Example

If you're like most parents today, you're concerned about developing strong reading habits in your child.
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The Importance of School Spirit

As much fun as we had with Crazy Sock Day, there is an important principle behind it: namely, school spirit.
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This new blog is a space for sharing my thoughts as an educator and headmaster on topics of interest to current parents of Clairbourn School.
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