Clairbourn graduates have choices! 
Our graduates receive an average of 2 private high school acceptances per student. We insure that our students know their options and have prepared for the tests and interviews as well as for the academic, leadership, and service requirements sought by the high schools.

On average, 97% of our students go on to leading private schools such as Flintridge Prep, La Salle, Westridge, Loyola, Mayfield, Flintridge Sacred Heart, Maranatha, St. Francis, Polytechnic, Cate, Thatcher, and more. The remaining three percent often choose to enroll at excellent area public schools, with the finest reputations in the state, such as San Marino, Arcadia, or Glendora High School.

Our rigorous Middle School academic program prepares students from the start.  In addition to comprehensive academic content, the program emphasizes strong writing, presentation, critical thinking, and problem solving skills.  On standardized tests, our students consistently score competitively with nationwide private school norms.

There are a variety of programs to support our powerful high school admissions record.  In addition to excellent academic preparation from preschool through eighth grade, each seventh grade family receives individual high school admissions counseling to help them understand their options and how to prepare and apply to high schools.  Students are also required to take an interview preparation class, attend high school tours, and meet with high school admissions directors on our campus.


Classes of 2007 - 2017
Arcadia High School
Archer School
Alverno High School
Campbell Hall
Cate School
Don Bosco Tech
Flintridge Preparatory School
Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy

Harvard Westlake
La Salle High School 

Loyola High School
Math and Science College Prep
Maranatha High School
Mayfield Senior School
Notre Dame, Sherman Oaks
Pilgrim School

Polytechnic High School
San Marino High School
South Pas High School
St. Francis High School
Stevenson School
The Waverly School
Westridge School
The Webb Schools 

Grad Panel Videos - 2017

Hear Recent Graduates Talk About How Clairbourn Prepared Them for High School
Watch videos from recent Clairbourn graduates on their high school experiences and how Clairbourn prepared them for success. Alums in the videos are: Jack Bartlett (senior, St. Francis), Deijah Bradley (junior, Westridge), Kristofer Chang (sophomore, Flintridge Prep), Mercedes De La Torre (senior, Flintridge Sacred Heart),  Bailey Garcia (freshman, Maranatha), Tristan Huo (junior, La Salle), Max Hendrix (junior, Loyola).
The moderator and Clairbourn parent Shelley Coolidge welcomes panelists and asks them to describe Clairbourn in one word. 
The moderator asks "How did Clairbourn prepare you for high school academically? (Please be specific): science, math, English, history, foreign language."

View Grad Panel Video #3

The moderator asks, "Clairbourn students develop strong skills in public speaking, time-management, working in groups, and developing key technology skills. Please give examples of how Clairbourn helped you build skills in these areas?"

The moderator asks, "Clairbourn focuses on developing the whole person. Please discuss some of the extra curricular activities you were involved at Clairbourn...and why these activities were important when applying to high schools. (Sports, student government, music, theater, art, and community service)."
The moderator asks, "The educational philosophy at Clairbourn emphasizes character and strong ethical values.  The Clairbourn "code of ethics" includes: honesty, respect, responsibility, spirituality, and citizenship.  Why has this teaching been an important part of your education at Clairbourn?"
  View Grad Panel Video #6
Question - "Overall, what advantage do you feel Clairbourn has given you over other high school students?" 
   View Grad Panel Video #7
Question - "In what area did Clairbourn most help you improve?" 
   View Grad Panel Video #8
Question - "What are the advantages of staying at Clairbourn through middle school?"
   View Grad Panel Video #9
Question - "What was the biggest change you faced in transitioning from Clairbourn to high school?" 

 View Grad Panel Video #10
Question - "What advice would you give current Clairbourn students about the high school admissions process? What factors should students consider when selecting a high school."

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